Ancaster Engine Diagnostics and Repair

Engine Diagnostics And Troubleshooting

Our technicians expertly diagnose and troubleshoot engine-related issues, such as leaks, misfires, or power loss, providing targeted repairs to maintain optimal performance and reliability.

Cooling System Repair And Maintenance

We service and repair engine cooling systems, addressing issues like leaks, thermostat malfunctions, or water pump failures to prevent engine overheating and damage.

Timing Belt And Chain Replacement

Our team replaces worn or damaged timing belts and chains, ensuring accurate engine synchronization and preventing costly damage to internal components.

Engine Rebuild Services

We offer comprehensive engine rebuild services, including disassembly, inspection, and replacement of worn or damaged components to restore your vehicle’s performance and extend its lifespan.

Our technicians recondition cylinder heads, addressing issues such as valve seat wear, cracked castings, or warped surfaces to improve engine efficiency and reliability.

We provide expert engine block machining and assembly services, ensuring precise tolerances and optimal engine performance following a rebuild.

Engine Conversion Services

Our team at BnB Garage can recommend and install suitable engine swap options tailored to your vehicle’s specific requirements and intended use, always adhering to Ontario regulations.

We provide custom engine conversion solutions, such as performance upgrades or fuel system modifications, ensuring your vehicle meets your unique needs while maintaining compliance with Ontario laws.

If you’re facing the dreaded “check engine light” check, look no further than BNB Garage for top-notch automobile diagnostics. Our auto diag services are second to none, ensuring your vehicle’s health is always a priority. Conveniently located for those searching for “car diagnostic near me” or “auto diagnostic near me,” our expert team specializes in automotive diagnostics near me. Trust us for prompt check engine light service and thorough diagnostic assessments. From engine check to car AC diagnostic, BNB Garage is your premier diagnostic auto center. Experience peace of mind knowing your car is in capable hands with our auto AC diagnostic services.


At BnB Garage, our certified technicians possess extensive knowledge and experience in engine diagnostics, repair, and rebuilding. We utilize cutting-edge tools and facilities to deliver research-based, accurate services for your vehicle.

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Trust BnB Garage in Ancaster, Ontario, for exceptional engine repair, rebuild, and conversion services that meet your vehicle’s needs and comply with provincial regulations. Our dedicated technicians and advanced equipment ensure optimal performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Schedule your engine service appointment today by contacting us.

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